[Baypiggies] More dramatic material?

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 20:15:58 CET 2010

> >>One more thing: if you actually care about learning regex, you MUST
> >>purchase a copy of Friedl's _Mastering Regular Expressions_.


If you're a casual user of regular expressions (1-2 times/year) , as I am,
and don't use them frequently enough to learn them well,
 this book may help you out in a pinch

A good regex debugger tool is also invaluable, so you can generate/test your
regular expression in a stand-alone environment.
(so you don't wait until your program is at the point of execution where the
regex is invoked)

I've used this one quite a bit, and it supports ~16 regular expression

Kodos is a regex debugger written in qt/Python, but I've had too many
problems with it and stopped using it.
It's not actively supported any more.
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