[Baypiggies] Progress Report: Post PyCon Brain Dump (or whatever we call it)

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sun Feb 28 05:03:50 CET 2010

I wanted to share an update on the Post PyCon Brain Dump (or whatever it's
going to be called). I envision this to be a place for both openspaces (aka
unconferences) and for reviewing our favorite videos. If you will, take a
quick moment to see what the open space is about:


I also have built a small voting system -- completely anonymous -- on what
videos we wish to watch.

The URL may change since pycon may be a misleading prefix. But, for now,
here is the voting URL:


Yes, with this type of complete anonymous and simple voting, it could be
abused. We do still have Web Server logs if we really wanted to troll
through and eliminate obvious over-voting.

So, click on the talk name to review it, or click "I like" if you like it.
It's that simple at this stage.

The Log in and Create Account links aren't hooked up yet, but we do have all
the backed with data in place and a Django Admin to edit data. It won't take
long at all to make a login if people wish to use this to register for the

We are looking at a Saturday (still undetermined) from 11 am until (still
hammering out details). So, obviously, this is not a real announcement, but
an effort to show the progress, keep the energy going, and to get volunteers
to make this happen.

There are about six of us who volunteered to make this happen. Wanna make it
one more? I have organized a Google Wave for those who wish to help organize
(it's *so* much easier than managing a million emails). My Google Wave
account is glen.r.jarvis and I've created a wave with title "Organizing a
PostPyCon Meetup."


Glen Jarvis
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