[Baypiggies] Job: Equipment Support Tech

Emile van Sebille emile at fenx.com
Sat Jan 9 22:58:32 CET 2010

Equipment Support Tech

I need someone that will take over responsibility for maintaining the 
equipment at my various customer sites.  You would become the third 
member of my small company and would coordinate closely with the two of 
us.  We do a lot with python, and although your skills with python are 
not the primary job function, there will be plenty of exposure to 
existing python glue that will need to be enhanced, maintained, or 
tweaked to keep systems up and running.  During quiet times when all 
systems are up and running you will likely be deploying python based 
tools to monitor systems' health proactively.

You will need to have your own reliable transportation.  I currently 
drive about 500 miles/week, and I expect you'll be doing about the same 
and sometimes much more.  Locations currently include Watsonville, San 
Jose, Mountain View, Fremont, Millbrae, Emeryville, San Ramon, 
Sacramento, Petaluma, Sonoma, Sacramento, Fresno, Riverside and 
Phoenix.  Each site consists minimally of a linux based firewall, main 
linux application server, and client PCs, typically running Windows, and 
printers shared to all.  Some sites have mulitple servers 
(web,email,pcbackup,fax,etc) and as many as 80 client PCs.

There's a large assortment of equipment (CNC, RF handhelds, label 
printers, timeclocks,etc) and technologies (30+ years of custom 
solutions) deployed as I'm essentially the contracted IT department for 
these companies.  You'll need to be sufficiently familiar and 
comfortable diagnosing and fixing problems with linux, windows, vmware, 
kvm, openvpn, iptables, cups, samba, laserjets, lineprinters, 
networking, cron and scheduled tasks, ssh, vnc, command line tools, 
bash, wsh, and more.  I once put a list together of 100 tech buzz words* 
that I deal with weekly, so there's plenty of opportunity to get 
involved with all sorts of things.

Your time will be re-billed, so diligent time keeping is required.  This 
is a long term position (3+ years anyway) that I'd like to fill before 
April and I expect to interview qualified prospects multiple times to 
confirm capability and compatibility. Compensation open and competitive 
based on experience.

Please email me off-list at job at salesinq.com if you're interested.  
Please ask relevant questions on-list so others can benefit from the 

Emile van Sebille
For this position please email job at salesinq.com

* Found the list:
activefax, apache, bash, bbx, bios, centOS, clam, CNC, courier, crontab, 
css, cups, df, dhcp, django, dns, dom, DPL, dtml, du, Excel, expect, 
ftp, gcode, ghostview, HPGL, html, IE, imap, ipadder, ipchains, 
iptables, javascript, kvm, ldap, lightning, links, lpd, mailman, 
mencoder, mnt, msched, msconfig, mysql, nat, nfs, nmap, OE, open office, 
osx, outlook, pcanywhere, perl, php, PIL, plone, pop, POST, postgresql, 
postscript, pro5, python, raid, rc.d, rdp, reportlab, redhat, rs232, 
rsync, samba, scp, sendmail, smtp, spamd, spybot, sql, squid, 
squidguard, squirrelmail, ssh, svn, tal, tales, tar, taskmgr, tcpdump, 
thunderbird, up2date, vi, vmware, vnc, webmin, wget, wiki, win2k, 
winpatrol, xpsp2, xxcopy, yum, zope, zwiki.

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