[Baypiggies] Reminder PyGameSF meetup Tuesday January 12th 6pm @ Stong Main San Francisco Public Library

Harry Tormey slander at unworkable.org
Tue Jan 12 02:06:48 CET 2010

Hi All,
Just a reminder that the January PyGameSF meet up will be on tomorrow at the STONG conference 
room on the first floor of the main San Francisco public library beside civic center BART. 
The library closes at 8pm so we will reconvene to frjtz on hayes street for dinner/drinks 
afterwords. This months presentations are:

-Tim Thompson: the NthControl. For musical and visual performers, new
touchscreen netbooks (Asus T91MT) and USB-connected touchscreens (Mimo 720-S)
can augment the ubiquitous slider/knob/button box by providing a completely
software-driven interface that avoids the bulk and distraction of a laptop interface.
Tim has been experimenting in this area and will share his experience so far,
including a demonstration of a python-based display/controller (NthControl) he
is developing for upcoming musical/visual performances.

-Casey Duncan: Grease. Introducing Grease, a new open-source game engine
for developing 2D games in Python. Grease is an component-based entity system
with support for data-driven game development. Grease is designed from the
ground-up for simplicity, rapid development and high-performance. It is intended
to be fully interoperable with both pygame and pyglet, providing pluggable services
for sprite and vector rendering, post-processing effects, physics, particle effects,
event-driven logic scripting and eventually network support. Grease is in the early
stages of development, Casey hopes to get input on the design and architecture, as
well as encourage folks to contribute so they can use it for their own projects.

PyGame SF is an informal group meet up in San Francisco for Software
engineers interested in python, OpenGL, audio, pygame, SDL,
programming and generally anything to do with multimedia development.
The format of our meetings typically involve several people giving
presentations on projects they are developing followed by group
discussion and feedback.

If anyone else would like to give a micro presentation, show demos or
just talk about what they are doing or generally give examples of any
relevant software they are working on please feel free to head along
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