[Baypiggies] My search engine for Python source code

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 14 00:15:27 CET 2010

It's pretty impressive. Coupla comments:

- it fails on "A*" (as in A* search algorithm) or "A\*". It would be awesome if you could handle that. In fact, you might like to post whatever regex syntax it takes. It seems that '*' matches '.', so if you type 'a*n' you get a bunch of near-random results.

- it fails on '@' (the decorator symbol)

- there's no 'summary'/'long' mode to just see the matches (without details) for searches which return a ton of results e.g. 'numpy.*e'

- I don't see anywhere for people to submit their URLs to you for indexing


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The idea for this project is to find samples that google can't. I started this project after I spent a few days on looking for wxpython samples that no tutorial covers. I knew some other people must have done the thing I want. But I just couldn't find it.Google code search use string match for code, which does not work well for OO languages. 'os.path.join' is a special case that string matching works. For many other cases, like '@'.join(...), orf = wx.Frame(...)f.SetFont(...)The string matching way will fail, and google can't recognize this is a sample for wx.Frame.SetFont.I wish my site can solve this problem.
- Purui
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Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] My search engine for Python source code

I just looked at this. I really like the idea that you do code suggestion. For example, just to test, I typed: os.path.... and at this point, I saw quite a few solutions to choose from.
The actual results, seem big on the page, however, compared to Google's code search (I compared os.path.abspath on both):

I've not really used either of these tools much (as I should) since I usually just google the phrase I'm looking for generally and get to the documentation. There are times I just want quick examples, so this can be very helpful.

Either way, thank you for sharing your work.. And, again, the 'suggest' that I get is a very nice touch if I don't remember exactly what I'm looking for..


On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 8:56 PM, Purui Wang <puruiw at yahoo.com> wrote:

I wrote a search engine for python source code. It helps you find samples from open source projects. It understands python syntax, and can find samples that other engines can't find.

Please take a look and send me a feed back.

- Purui

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