[Baypiggies] My search engine for Python source code

Purui Wang puruiw at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 10:57:38 CET 2010

Thanks for feedback. I added your suggestions to my todo list.

BTW: Thanks everybody for feedbacks.
My little crawler is pulling source from pypi now. Result should come out next week. When it is stable enough (this will take some time), I'll open the door and let everybody submit projects you love.

- Purui

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It's pretty impressive. Coupla comments:

- it fails on "A*" (as in A* search algorithm) or "A\*". It would be awesome if you could handle that. In fact, you might like to post whatever regex syntax it takes. It seems that '*' matches '.', so if you type 'a*n' you get a bunch of near-random results.

- it fails on '@' (the decorator symbol)

- there's no 'summary'/'long' mode to just see the matches (without details) for searches which return a ton of results e.g. 'numpy.*e'

- I don't see anywhere for people to submit their URLs to you for indexing


Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 16:05:57 -0800
From: puruiw at yahoo.com
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Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] My search engine for Python source code

The idea for this project is to find samples that google can't. I started this project after I spent a few days on looking for wxpython samples that no tutorial covers. I knew some other people must have done the thing I want. But I just couldn't find it.
Google code search use string match for code, which does not work well for OO languages. 'os.path.join' is a special case that string matching works. For many other cases, like '@'.join(...), or
f = wx.Frame(...)
The string matching way will fail, and google can't recognize this is a sample for wx.Frame.SetFont.
I wish my site can solve this problem.

- Purui

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Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] My search engine for Python source code

I just looked at this. I really like the idea that you do code suggestion. For example, just to test, I typed: os.path.... and at this point, I saw quite a few solutions to choose from.

The actual results, seem big on the page, however, compared to Google's code search (I compared os.path.abspath on both):


I've not really used either of these tools much (as I should) since I usually just google the phrase I'm looking for generally and get to the documentation. There are times I just want quick examples, so this can be very helpful.

Either way, thank you for sharing your work.. And, again, the 'suggest' that I get is a very nice touch if I don't remember exactly what I'm looking for..



On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 8:56 PM, Purui Wang <puruiw at yahoo.com> wrote:

I wrote a search engine for python source code. It helps you find samples from open source projects. It understands python syntax, and can find samples that other engines can't find.
>>Please take a look and send me a feed back.
>- Purui
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