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Emile van Sebille emile at fenx.com
Fri Jan 15 22:07:31 CET 2010


<Not a single follow-up at all!  Is everyone working?>


On 1/9/2010 1:58 PM Emile van Sebille said...
> Equipment Support Tech
> I need someone that will take over responsibility for maintaining the 
> equipment at my various customer sites.  You would become the third 
> member of my small company and would coordinate closely with the two 
> of us.  We do a lot with python, and although your skills with python 
> are not the primary job function, there will be plenty of exposure to 
> existing python glue that will need to be enhanced, maintained, or 
> tweaked to keep systems up and running.  During quiet times when all 
> systems are up and running you will likely be deploying python based 
> tools to monitor systems' health proactively.
> You will need to have your own reliable transportation.  I currently 
> drive about 500 miles/week, and I expect you'll be doing about the 
> same and sometimes much more.  Locations currently include 
> Watsonville, San Jose, Mountain View, Fremont, Millbrae, Emeryville, 
> San Ramon, Sacramento, Petaluma, Sonoma, Sacramento, Fresno, Riverside 
> and Phoenix.  Each site consists minimally of a linux based firewall, 
> main linux application server, and client PCs, typically running 
> Windows, and printers shared to all.  Some sites have mulitple servers 
> (web,email,pcbackup,fax,etc) and as many as 80 client PCs.
> There's a large assortment of equipment (CNC, RF handhelds, label 
> printers, timeclocks,etc) and technologies (30+ years of custom 
> solutions) deployed as I'm essentially the contracted IT department 
> for these companies.  You'll need to be sufficiently familiar and 
> comfortable diagnosing and fixing problems with linux, windows, 
> vmware, kvm, openvpn, iptables, cups, samba, laserjets, lineprinters, 
> networking, cron and scheduled tasks, ssh, vnc, command line tools, 
> bash, wsh, and more.  I once put a list together of 100 tech buzz 
> words* that I deal with weekly, so there's plenty of opportunity to 
> get involved with all sorts of things.
> Your time will be re-billed, so diligent time keeping is required.  
> This is a long term position (3+ years anyway) that I'd like to fill 
> before April and I expect to interview qualified prospects multiple 
> times to confirm capability and compatibility. Compensation open and 
> competitive based on experience.
> Please email me off-list at job at salesinq.com if you're interested.  
> Please ask relevant questions on-list so others can benefit from the 
> responses.
> Emile van Sebille
> For this position please email job at salesinq.com
> * Found the list:
> activefax, apache, bash, bbx, bios, centOS, clam, CNC, courier, 
> crontab, css, cups, df, dhcp, django, dns, dom, DPL, dtml, du, Excel, 
> expect, ftp, gcode, ghostview, HPGL, html, IE, imap, ipadder, 
> ipchains, iptables, javascript, kvm, ldap, lightning, links, lpd, 
> mailman, mencoder, mnt, msched, msconfig, mysql, nat, nfs, nmap, OE, 
> open office, osx, outlook, pcanywhere, perl, php, PIL, plone, pop, 
> POST, postgresql, postscript, pro5, python, raid, rc.d, rdp, 
> reportlab, redhat, rs232, rsync, samba, scp, sendmail, smtp, spamd, 
> spybot, sql, squid, squidguard, squirrelmail, ssh, svn, tal, tales, 
> tar, taskmgr, tcpdump, thunderbird, up2date, vi, vmware, vnc, webmin, 
> wget, wiki, win2k, winpatrol, xpsp2, xxcopy, yum, zope, zwiki.
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