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I don't know anything specific about this project, but this note arrived in
my inbox this morning, and it seemed as if the cause would interest some of

> This is an urgent call for experienced Python programmers to help in
> the Sahana Disaster Management System immediately - knowledge of
> Web2Py platform would be best.  Please recruit any available
> programmers for the Haiti effort as quickly as possible and have them
> contact me immediately so that i can put them in touch with the
> correct people.  Thank you kindly and I do hope that we can quickly
> identlfy some contributors for this monumental effort - They are
> needed ASAP.
> http://sahanapy.org/ is the developer site and the demo is
> http://demo.sahanapy.org/
> Please forward to others: Can we identify some student and or faculty
> programmers who could help and ask them if they are willing to do so
> to contact me straight away.  Thank you -

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-- Eric
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