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Thu Jul 1 08:21:16 CEST 2010

Hello, Bay Piggies.

I could use some career advice: where do people go when they hit middle age?
 I moved on from programming as a day job almost five years ago, into a
technologist/architect/evangelist/product management/"whatever needs done
for the business" kind of role reporting to the general manager.  And while
I am very glad to have learned a great deal about the business side of the
software business, now I am sort of stuck in not having a clear place to
advance to. Time to reboot the career, perhaps, but a good part of my
problem is figuring out where to look for maximum overlap between what I've
enjoyed doing and what positions are available.

If you really enjoy python programming and find side projects just to have
an excuse to "prototype" something, but you also want to stay very close to
the product management / business side of things because you've become
convinced the software is just one part of a successful company: where do
you go?  Does everyone end up in management?

Oh, and if my current employer has figured out this is me, new account
notwithstanding, I'm Officially Very Happy and of course will use any advice
just to better search internal postings, and be of more value here.  :)

My husband, in common with a lot of people his age, is fifty.  For how long
are we to put up with these things?
-- Monty Python
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