[Baypiggies] Moving to the Valley

Brooke Anderson (c) brooke at vmware.com
Thu Jul 1 19:00:46 CEST 2010

Hi Alexandre,

Welcome to the States!!  I am an internal recruiter with VMware. We are seeking Web developers for our Palo Alto office.

Please let me know when you're available to speak.


Brooke L. Anderson
R&D Sourcing

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Dear BayPIGgies,

This is my first thread to this list, so let me introduce myself:

My name is Alexandre Conrad and I'm 29 years old. I'm a US and French
citizen. I live in Paris France and currently work at a French company
as a Python developer. And I'm moving in the Valley in the beginning
of August, somewhere between San Francisco and Santa Clara (maybe Palo
Alto). New life, new people to meet, new friends to make, new stories
to tell. It's all *very* exciting.

I started programming with Python, back in 2003 and have been doing
most of my development with it since then. I've been promoting Python
through my support to the AFPy, the French Python Association presided
by Tarek Ziadé, by going to diverse events around France. And moving
in the Bay Area won't stop my quest to spreading Python karma. :)

Of course, as I'm preparing my move, among other things, I'm starting
to seek for a job in SF or the Valley. I monitor Python positions
through job boards and have a few hints. But if any of you would
recommend a particular company or position you might be aware of, ping
me! :)

I hope I can make it to the BayPIGgies meeting in August. I would be
very happy to meet some of you.

Best regards,
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