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Girish Kalele girish at nimbula.com
Thu Jul 1 21:11:22 CEST 2010

    Nimbula <http://www.nimbula.com/> (Menlo Park, CA, US)

*Job Description* Software Engineer, Cloud Fabric Team

    * You will be expected to develop and improve major aspects the
      Nimbula Operating System.
    * You will build production level code, achieving a good balance
      between scalability and robustness.
    * You will apply open-source solutions and other tools to ensure
      that the fabric of Nimbula products have ironclad reliability.


    * Expert Python skills.
    * Deep understanding of networking fundamentals.
    * Experience with Twisted or other asynchronous networking
      frameworks is desirable.
    * Extensive Linux experience, both command-line and system level
      knowledge. We need a software programmer, not a tools/sysadmin
    * Degree in Computer Science a must.

*About Us*

Nimbula, the Cloud Operating System company, was founded by the team
that conceived and developed the seminal public cloud leader, Amazon
EC2. Their experience gained managing infrastructure at massive scale
gives Nimbula a huge technical advantage. Virtualization is a key
component in every corporate IT strategy and is a multi-billion dollar
market with hundreds of products. Still, most mainstream businesses
cannot really take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and
operational efficiencies of the public cloud because mainstream business
demands control, security and trust. Nimbula provides the Coud Operating
System to merge these assets for its customers seamlessly and at scale.
We are well-funded by Sequoia and VMware. Find us in Menlo Park,
California, and Cape Town, South Africa.

*Contact Info*

    * *Email* jobs at nimbula.com <mailto:jobs%40nimbula.com>

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