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Early stage startups & small companies can give both business and technical
decision making/involvement in a single role. Marginally more job "risk"
(more likely the real difference is lower pay, as layoffs happen
everywhere). Upside potential is $huge$ but not likely. Fun seems to almost
be guaranteed if you are working with good people.

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 11:21 PM, R Aubrey <r.aubrey.xyzzy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, Bay Piggies.
> I could use some career advice: where do people go when they hit middle
> age?  I moved on from programming as a day job almost five years ago, into a
> technologist/architect/evangelist/product management/"whatever needs done
> for the business" kind of role reporting to the general manager.  And while
> I am very glad to have learned a great deal about the business side of the
> software business, now I am sort of stuck in not having a clear place to
> advance to. Time to reboot the career, perhaps, but a good part of my
> problem is figuring out where to look for maximum overlap between what I've
> enjoyed doing and what positions are available.
> If you really enjoy python programming and find side projects just to have
> an excuse to "prototype" something, but you also want to stay very close to
> the product management / business side of things because you've become
> convinced the software is just one part of a successful company: where do
> you go?  Does everyone end up in management?
> Oh, and if my current employer has figured out this is me, new account
> notwithstanding, I'm Officially Very Happy and of course will use any advice
> just to better search internal postings, and be of more value here.  :)
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> My husband, in common with a lot of people his age, is fifty.  For how long
> are we to put up with these things?
> -- Monty Python
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