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I wouldn't make the leap from not being lawyerly about the job requirements
to not being able to write correct code! I think all of us who read it (even
those who don't have CS sheepskin) realized that equivalent knowledge would
likely be gladly accepted in lieu. Finding great people is so hard! Anyone
who is overly strict on that sort of requirement is sure to suffer.


On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 8:38 PM, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 01, 2010, Jeff Enderwick wrote:
> >
> > Alex,
> >
> > My guess is that the CS degree "must" was their way of saying that
> > they're looking for a person who is educated w/r/t core CS topics. I'm
> > making this guess based on the preceding line about not needing a
> > "tools/sysadmin engineer". Maybe w/out the CS degree requirement
> > stated, they get a flood of that.
> Alex's point was that they are phrasing themselves incorrectly; if they
> can't write a proper spec for a job ad, how can they write correct code?
> It would be simple to change the job ad to say "CS degree or equivalent
> knowledge".
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