[Baypiggies] [JOB] Software Engineer, Cloud Fabric Team, Nimbula Inc.

John Withers grayarea at reddagger.org
Fri Jul 2 08:29:44 CEST 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 21:49 -0700, Alex Martelli wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 9:03 PM, Jeff Enderwick <jeff.enderwick at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Aahz,
> > I wouldn't make the leap from not being lawyerly about the job requirements
> > to not being able to write correct code! I think all of us who read it (even
> > those who don't have CS sheepskin) realized that equivalent knowledge would
> > likely be gladly accepted in lieu. Finding great people is so hard! Anyone
> > who is overly strict on that sort of requirement is sure to suffer.
> If they're serious about this hiring and its importance, and if you're
> right that what they say is A MUST (*VERY* strong wording!) is not
> indeed a must, they're pretty weird people -- why did they
> deliberately choose that (you assume incorrect) wording?!.  By far the

The same reason many people do I am betting, it cuts down slightly on
the insane avalanche of resumes that come in. It won't cut down on the
people who send a resume to every job in a posting category, but it
might cut down slightly on the well-intentioned but misguided job
applicant. I think the line about not needing a "tools/sysadmin
engineer" points pretty clearly to this. 

The reason I say this is that I am that guy. I have no comp sci degree.
I have no engineering degree. But since there isn't actually a degree
standard for 'liberal arts guy who got really good at this over 25 years
working on it' I will often apply to comp sci required jobs. And the
vast majority of the jobs that say comp sci on them I can do and I am
positive I can do all the ones I apply for, or I wouldn't apply. I
haven't disappointed an employer yet in that capacity.

But there is that thin percentage of jobs that require stuff I don't
have the maths comfort for. I might be able to struggle through, but I
don't want to waste my or an employers time finding out.

I have a hunch they are pretty sure this is one of those jobs and want
to weed out the legions of people like me but who aren't quite so
discriminating about what they are willing to apply to.

Dunno, that is just what it looks to me guessing. And I am with Jeff in
that I am pretty willing to assume for the reasons I outlined above that
they wouldn't have a problem with your engineering degree. Well, your
case is somewhat special because of name recognition, but let's say
applicable talent and engineering degree in general.


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