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On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 1:39 PM,
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> Hey all,
> I haven't been able to attend - it conflicts with the DC650.org
> meeting - but I figured I'd pass along my results from exploring all
> the options when authoring web pages & programming web apps in python:
> http://www.subspacefield.org/~travis/python_web_authoring_programming.html
> One problem with writing web apps using frameworks is that if you pick
> an unsuitable one and have to re-write, you'll usually have to do it
> from scratch.  So I've put a lot of effort into researching the
> options and figuring out what the tradeoffs are.  If you're interested
> in jumping into it, this'll save you two weeks of research, or
> possibly more (compared to choosing the wrong tools).
> Any suggestions are most welcome.
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You might be able to integrate some of this work with the Python
Web-SIG wiki pages.


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