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bonjour alex, et bienvenue à silicon valley!

living around here will have a wide range of monthly costs...
typically your rent should be within EUR1000-2000 which can be reduced
if you get roommates and/or live in a house with others.

best places to find a job are http://monster.com - http://dice.com
-http://sfbay.craigslist.org ... if you are interested in applying to
Google (yes we're hiring), as with the rest of you, just check out
http://google.com/jobs and send me your CV/resume and top 3 desired
positions you found *including* their full URLs. be aware that the
interview process is brutal and unforgiving but pleasant other than
that as it has shown some improvement from the past. :-)

bonne chance!

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 8:31 AM, Alexandre Conrad
<alexandre.conrad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear BayPIGgies,
> This is my first thread to this list, so let me introduce myself:
> My name is Alexandre Conrad and I'm 29 years old. I'm a US and French
> citizen. I live in Paris France and currently work at a French company
> as a Python developer. And I'm moving in the Valley in the beginning
> of August, somewhere between San Francisco and Santa Clara (maybe Palo
> Alto). New life, new people to meet, new friends to make, new stories
> to tell. It's all *very* exciting.
> I started programming with Python, back in 2003 and have been doing
> most of my development with it since then. I've been promoting Python
> through my support to the AFPy, the French Python Association presided
> by Tarek Ziadé, by going to diverse events around France. And moving
> in the Bay Area won't stop my quest to spreading Python karma. :)
> Of course, as I'm preparing my move, among other things, I'm starting
> to seek for a job in SF or the Valley. I monitor Python positions
> through job boards and have a few hints. But if any of you would
> recommend a particular company or position you might be aware of, ping
> me! :)
> I hope I can make it to the BayPIGgies meeting in August. I would be
> very happy to meet some of you.
> Best regards,
> --
> Alex
> twitter.com/alexconrad
> linkedin.com/in/alexconrad

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