[Baypiggies] call for newbie nuggets

jim jim at well.com
Sat Jul 10 20:30:31 CEST 2010

   We've got a couple of talks scheduled: for July, 
the second part of Exploiting Parallelism by 
Minesh Amin; for September, Design Patterns by 
Alex Martelli. 
   But we've got no newbie nuggets. 

   A newbie nugget is a short talk on a single 
feature of Python programming, maybe a technique 
or language feature or a built-in or..., that 
is from five to ten minutes and targets an 
experienced coder who is fairly new to Python. 

   Step right up! Volunteer to present a newbie 
nugget or just suggest a topic that you think 
would be a good newbie nugget for some other, 
braver, person to present. 

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