[Baypiggies] call for newbie nuggets

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jul 13 00:46:30 CEST 2010

thanks, marla, 
   you probably noticed that alex kleider's seconded 
the decorators idea. i'm betting that a regular 
beating^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H repeating of decorator 
essentials is a good idea. now to find somebody to 
do the presentation. 
   i love the idea of what's pythonic. i'd like to 
know. seems like multiple newbie nuggets, each 
focusing on one pythonic technique, would drill the 
sense of it home (and "pythonic" does seem a mind set 
that one acquires, like a taste for scotch whiskey). 

   got any more ideas? 

On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 05:32 +0000, Marla Parker wrote:
> >   A newbie nugget is a short talk on a single 
> > feature of Python programming, maybe a technique 
> > or language feature or a built-in or..., that 
> > is from five to ten minutes and targets an 
> > experienced coder who is fairly new to Python. 
> That is me: an experienced coder fairly new to Python.  
> My 10 years of full time coding ended in 93, and since 
> then I've been managing developers or working with 
> developers but never doing code myself for my day job.  
> Now I'm working to get back on the keyboard because 
> frankly it is just more fun than all the other things 
> I can do.  
> So I don't want to give a newbie talk, but I'll suggest 
> newbie talk subjects that I'd like to attend.
> - decorators - I've read about them and I get them in 
> theory, and I've looked at some examples in our code base, 
> but.... I feel like I'm missing the point.
> - "pythonic" things that seem weird at first but then 
> wonderful once you get used to them 
> That is all I can think of right now.  Maybe other newbies 
> can suggest a topic that will make someone else think: 
> hey, I guess I must be experienced because I could easily 
> explain that in 10 minutes. 
> Marla
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