[Baypiggies] Production users of Django?

Jeff Fischer jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 01:52:13 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,
 I am doing some market research for my startup. I'm interested in learning
about how people are using Django in production today, particularly for
applications (as opposed to content management). If you are, could you take
a few minutes to answer the questions below, either to the list or directly
to me? Any additional explanations are also appreciated. If I get a lot of
private responses, I'll summarize to the list (unless you don't want to be
in the summary). Thank you very much for your help!

Jeff Fischer
jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
jeffrey.fischer at genforma.com

Django survey questions:
1. Which of the scenario(s) below apply to your application?
   A. On-premise, company-internal users
   B. Hosted, company-external users
   C. Company-external users, running on their hardware/intranet
   D. Something else?

2. How many customers and/or users does your application have?

3. Are you using Django more as an application framework or as a content
management framework?

4. What industry are you in?

5. What does your application do (as much detail as you are willing to

6. Is this application your company's primary source of revenue?

7. What components other than Django do you use in your production
configuration (e.g. database type, web server, cache, etc.)?

8. How many servers do you use for your production system?

9. What do you use for deployment?

10. Do you use any cloud or hosting services? If so, which ones?

11. What are your biggest pain points in terms of deployment, configuration,
and management? Would you be willing to pay money to have someone take care
of these for you?
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