[Baypiggies] Production users of Django?

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Jul 24 02:14:54 CEST 2010

Jeff -- I deal with many customers with different applications. The survey
questions seem very specific to a single application. I may not at all be
the target audience you wanted to interview :(  Sorry...

> Django survey questions:
> 1. Which of the scenario(s) below apply to your application?
>    A. On-premise, company-internal users
>    B. Hosted, company-external users
>    C. Company-external users, running on their hardware/intranet
>    D. Something else?


2. How many customers and/or users does your application have?

It depends upon the users. Most of what I do has a pretty small scale --
less than 100 users at a time generally. But, that just seems to be the
customers that I attract more than a limitation of any kind.

3. Are you using Django more as an application framework or as a content
> management framework?

Application Framework. Definitely.

> 4. What industry are you in?

IT/Programming (I also work in a phylogenetic lab, but that's not really
relevant here).

5. What does your application do (as much detail as you are willing to
> share)?

These depend upon the customer we're talking about. Some examples are: A
networked kisok for barber shops in Spain for automated metric tracking; A
Barbados-based Private Investigator case tracking database (this one I still
host for the client); A few governmental agencies websites/applications.

> 6. Is this application your company's primary source of revenue?

I have coded applications for other people and host them. I don't have an
"app" of my own. I should. I need the passive income.

> 7. What components other than Django do you use in your production
> configuration (e.g. database type, web server, cache, etc.)?

I had a previous life as an Informix DBA for years. So, I'm very partial to
Postgres over MySQL. (Postgres shared some code-base and operates somewhat
similarly). I've always used Apache with mod_python (phasing out) to
mod_wsgi. I generally pick a single type of app/customer and stick with it.
So my stack is:

Django | Pylons (diversifying here - but mostly Django)

I have needed to use memcached on occasion.

8. How many servers do you use for your production system?

A few (intentionally vague).

9. What do you use for deployment?

I still haven't gotten professional enough to really deploy in a scalable
way. I still do most deployment manually. I need to learn Simeon's
PIP/VirtualEnv tech talk

> 10. Do you use any cloud or hosting services? If so, which ones?


> 11. What are your biggest pain points in terms of deployment,
> configuration, and management? Would you be willing to pay money to have
> someone take care of these for you?

I don't have any pain points. I deal with Sun Grid clusters on a daily
basis, configure software regularly, and keep things fairly maintained. I
don't have enough work that someone would need to take care of this (and I
get a sense of satisfaction from well oiled machines - so I rather like this
type of work). And, it's light enough/organized enough not to be a pain


Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it;
boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.

-- Goethe
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