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   I shared my WiFi connection last night for situations like this. There
was a little confusion at first if it was working. But, I later discovered
it was.

   I'm glad to see there's interest. I'll respond more off list with


On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Bryce Verdier <bryceverdier at gmail.com>wrote:

>  My work schedule  is horrible for stuff like this. ( Currently 3pm-12am,
> but next week going to 1-9pm). In order for me to attend there needs to be
> wireless access (this is why I wasn't there last night... Symantec is
> awesome for hosting, but loses points for no wifi). Regardless I would love
> to attend this workshop.
> Bryce
> On 07/23/2010 04:52 PM, Glen Jarvis wrote:
> I really had a good time at the talk last night. There were some *good*
> questions and lots of interests -- that's always fun.
>  I am *very* interested in helping everyone get past this first hurdle.
>  If there is demand, I will hold a 2-3 hour FREE hands-on workshop over
> the same material (assuming we can all agree on a date, time and location).
>  Please be aware that the scope of what I'm talking about is still within
> what was presented. Therefore, we won't be going into, for example, the
> introspection that is used in attrs. It's easy enough, but not the purpose
> of the talk/workshop. We won't talk about class decorators, etc.
>  This first level idea is "How do I use decorators," -- not how do I write
> my own or even how these decorators work internally (although we can
> certainly dip our toes in at the very end of the workshop). We can also
> expand on how to use decorators before the pie syntax was included in Python
> - as that's still in the scope of *using* decorators.
>  If we have questions outside this scope, I will plead ignorance (which
> may actually be true; but maybe not) and move to the next subject.
>  Now that I've firmly set your expectation on scope, if there's interest
> in doing this, we can put together a small get together one evening after
> work. Because I already have materials prepared, this won't take any
> lead-time to set-up.
>  Note that this will give us more time. So, I can ask you to, for example:
>  * Write a function that takes two arguments. The first argument should
> only be an integer. But, the second argument can either be an integer or a
> float. Enforce this through assertions. Code should be PEP-8 compliant.
> * The above, but pick one of the four decorators we discussed to do the
> same thing, instead. We can then have a discussion on why a person would
> choose the first (above) or this approach to do the same task. (Or some may
> argue that we are pre-optimizing and we shouldn't make such restrictions on
> functions unless absolutely necessary (and I would agree).
> * (Other similar exercises with some of the other three decorators we have
> distributed and discussed)
> * Write a function that takes as its arguments two functions (we'll call
> f1, and f2). Within the body of the function, call f1 and f2. Demonstrate
> how we see pass functions around like any object
> * Create a function that wraps another function
> * etc.
>  If you can already do all of the above, you'd probably be bored silly and
> shouldn't attend this workshop. We'll advance to deeper levels over time --
> just not at this meeting.
>  The format would be in two portions: An introduction (same spiel as last
> night), and self-paced assignments/workshop. We would take more time to work
> on the example exercises. And, you would work on the examples while while we
> wait for questions to help you when you get stuck.
>  Because this is self paced (after my initial spiel), people will finish
> at different times. I can imagine we'll finish in 3 hours or less -- some
> much quicker than others.
>  Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you a 10% discount on the
> already FREE workshop ;)  This offer expires 1 week (i.e., if no one
> responds by then, I'm moving on to something else)...
>  Cheers,
>  Glen
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> Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it;
> boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.
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Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it;
boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.

-- Goethe
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