[Baypiggies] Production users of Django?

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 02:47:18 CEST 2010

My answers below...

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Jeff Fischer <jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Django survey questions:
> 1. Which of the scenario(s) below apply to your application?
>    A. On-premise, company-internal users
>    B. Hosted, company-external users
>    C. Company-external users, running on their hardware/intranet
>    D. Something else?
A,B, & C
> 2. How many customers and/or users does your application have?
Smallest is Satchmo/Django store/CMS that only does an order or two a
month (high end custom leatherwork). Largest is probably under NDA but
I have non-NDA projects with daily users in excess of 4 figures.

> 3. Are you using Django more as an application framework or as a content
> management framework?
Both. Some Django + a few modules for CMS, client uses Django admin.
Some projects are built in Django but client doesn't know/need to

> 4. What industry are you in?
Major clients in energy, construction, and ag.
> 5. What does your application do (as much detail as you are willing to
> share)?
Non-NDA apps - manage bids between construction company and
subcontractors. Manage online store with complex ordering processes.
Standard CMS applications.

> 6. Is this application your company's primary source of revenue?
I'm probably not your target audience being in custom software design.
I would say the answer is no for most of my clients.

> 7. What components other than Django do you use in your production
> configuration (e.g. database type, web server, cache, etc.)?
DB (mysql/postgresql), Web Server (experimented with lighttpd, mostly
apache+mod_wsgi now), memcached a few places. Am looking for a place
to use redis :)

> 8. How many servers do you use for your production system?
Widely varies. Ranges from multiple servers for single app to shared
hosting (multiple sites/apps on single server).
> 9. What do you use for deployment?
Fabric, pip, virtualenv.
> 10. Do you use any cloud or hosting services? If so, which ones?
I have some clients using Amazon s3 storage.

> 11. What are your biggest pain points in terms of deployment, configuration,
> and management? Would you be willing to pay money to have someone take care
> of these for you?
Not for larger applications - pain of
deployment/configuration/management is small compared to large
software tasks. For smaller clients - i would love a one-click create
db, django project with say django-cms and/or Satchmo pre-installed.

Hope that helps.

Simeon Franklin

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