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Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Tue Jun 22 00:35:53 CEST 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 1:00 AM, wesley chun wrote:

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> Subject: Location - PyCon 2012
> Hello Baypiggies,
> After doing some initial vetting, it looks like there are two options
> for PyCon 2012 and I would like to get any feedback before we sign
> with one or the other. The total cost will be similar to PyCon for
> both options. If I were to summarize: option 1 would be better for
> extra-conference activities. Option 2 would be better for
> intra-conference activities.
> The PyCon organizers list appears to be pretty strongly in favor of
> Option 2. Comments? Please CC me as I am not subscribed to this list.
> Option 1: San Jose One Connection
> This is a combination offer between the San Jose Marriott, the Hilton
> San Jose, and the San Jose convention center. All of these facilities
> are tied together so they are all under one roof.

Ugh, for the reasons Alex Martelli wrote mainly, and I haven't had any great experiences there either. It's a rather frustrating venue.

> Option 2: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
> Advantages:
> - Much more space, with more layout options. Would work better for the
> conference.
> - Free parking for drivers.
> Disadvantages:
> - Office parks for miles around. Food/bars/entertainment would need to
> take the train. The train is close, but is a 10 min ride.

Yea, not too great if we think that some people might actually want to see what the Bay Area is about. Then again, both of these options are sort of the equivalent of the Chicago PyCon. That is, a name that sounds like you're going to be somewhere interesting, but then you find out you're not actually somewhere interesting (like SF, Berkeley, etc) but instead got dumped into a suburb/office park (Rosemont, IL, San Jose, Santa Clara).

I'm guessing since these are already the two final choices, I must've missed the conversation that resulted in the Bay Area choices being dropped down to just these two places, which is a bummer. I think Atlanta did a great job cause we are actually in downtown, not stuck somewhere in the 'stix' like with Dallas and Chicago. I'm sad to hear that the only two locations in the Bay Area that qualified are the equivalent. Anyways....

The Santa Clara center looks much better for the conference, plus, in theory unlike some of the past conferences, this one should have a *ton* of locals... who have cars... and except for commute times its pretty dang fast to get around on the freeways. Downtown Mountain View is only a few minutes on the freeway from the Santa Clara location, and for those last minute needs the Fry's Electronics is a quick 5 minute trip as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's some workaholics or folks at startups that can't get a few days off to attend PyCon, but whom are right around the corner and would love to meet/chat with PyCon folks, so maybe having some evening Python events that ppl could drop in for that don't require a full conference reg would be beneficial. That might also increase how many cars are available for getting out to dinner.. etc.. :)


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