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Brooke Anderson (c) brooke at vmware.com
Tue Jun 22 19:24:35 CEST 2010

VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86 virtualization technology, is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer (a build developer) who can think independently and work closely with our Senior Development Engineers and our Build Release team, and play a critical role in improving build infrastructures to improve productivity for both development and build engineering.

This opportunity is not a typical 'build engineer' role. This position is about working with developers and solving really difficult problems: multithreaded, multi-platform, distributed build systems. This is not just the standard "babysitting" task of a build engineer; this is designing and optimizing a complex system, just like any other program.

You will engage new tools into our environment by proposal, design and implementation, and you must be able to work independently and have strong leadership skills. You would have your fingers on the pulse of how we do the work here, as you would be actively involved with product and design meetings. We are always looking to improve our core build tool, and we have large clusters to do distributed builds and build caching mechanisms as we work on more than 25 products across multiple platforms including Windows and Linux, and even a little bit of Mac. We'd love to find out what improvements you might make!

A little about our environment and team:

What your "playground" would look like: Our Build environment currently has 400 build machines "and growing", and we work with 3500 users, 28,000 clients, on 1000 branches on virtually all of the VMware products. There are 700 Gig under source control (5 million files); we have 2000+ Perforce users and multiple Perforce servers, with over 2 Terabytes of physical RAM, and use proxies to support developers around the globe at 15 sites with R&D presence. Our total Team size is more than 20 and still growing. This should give you an idea of the size, scope and scale of our environment. I hope this information piques your interest!

Our Build environment is currently driven by Make, and we are eagerly moving towards Python and SCons. People with previous experiences building Linux distributions (Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, SuSE, Ubuntu, Slackware, etc.) or open source software experience are VERY welcome here! We look for people who aren't satisfied with just turning a crank, but who take ownership of what they work on, creating new ways to do tasks, automating and troubleshooting, to independently improve the overall build systems.

We love open source here, and we are always looking to get more and give back to the community!

I'd love to hear if you're interested in this kind of role!


Brooke L. Anderson
R&D Sourcing
brooke at vmware.com<mailto:your.email at vmware.com>
O: 512.568.3741

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VMware's award-winning technology, market-leading position and culture of excellence provide our 7,000+ employees in 40+ locations worldwide with a platform for professional growth and the excitement of being an early-stage innovator. Interested in joining us or know someone who might be? Contact me directly or visit www.vmware.com/jobs<http://www.vmware.com/jobs> to learn more about us and apply today.

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