[Baypiggies] open source business conference march 17....

jim jim at well.com
Mon Mar 1 22:54:41 CET 2010

   Open Source Business Conference, SF Palace hotel, 
March 17, 18 2010. 

   the IDG group that has put on the various *world expos 
will have a table in their expo hall for open source 
support groups, including LUGS and language and application 
support groups. 


   the current concept is to have information about any 
SF bay area open source focused groups. i'm looking for 

* volunteers to work at the table 
* other coordinator types 
* information about sf bay area open source groups 
  (e.g. python, django, apache, firefox, linux and bsd 
  user groups, and any other groups involved with open 
  source software (and hardware) 
* existing literature, especially in electronic form 

   wanna play? got info or files? please respond. 

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