[Baypiggies] Helios Voting and other strategies

Rick Kwan kenobi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 18:22:09 CET 2010

Has anyone here used Helios Voting (http://www.heliosvoting.org)?  It
appears to be written to run on top of Django.  It claims to be "the
first web-based, open-audit voting system," which sounds like sheer
goodness to me.  Naturally the author reports very satisfied users,
and there is a USENIX security paper to go with it.  I'm trying to get
a fuller picture.

I need to host a voting application in about a month with about 1000
voters, and candidates for three offices.  SurveyMonkey is limited to
100 votes for free.  (Perhaps we should just go pay the extra.)  I saw
some commercial site that would charge us about 64 cents per
registered voter.

We haven't put up the money for an SSL certificate yet, and thus don't
run HTTPS yet.  We're on a shared Linux server that hosts our domain;
I don't have root access.  We've talked about migrating to a VM; I had
designs of putting Django on it, but have run out of personal free
time and resources to pull this off.

I'm open to suggestions, comments about Helios, etc.

--Rick Kwan

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