[Baypiggies] Helios Voting and other strategies

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Rick - since time is a big issue for you, just fork out the $20 for
SurveyMonkey already (up to 1000 responses),
that's what I did when I did the member survey in 2005.
SurveyMonkey gives you tons more functionality:
Then download the results and cancel your subscription after the event.

SSL costs an extra $9.95/mo with them:

I know nothing about Helios Voting.


> Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 09:22:09 -0800
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> Subject: [Baypiggies] Helios Voting and other strategies
> Has anyone here used Helios Voting (http://www.heliosvoting.org)?  It
> appears to be written to run on top of Django.  It claims to be "the
> first web-based, open-audit voting system," which sounds like sheer
> goodness to me.  Naturally the author reports very satisfied users,
> and there is a USENIX security paper to go with it.  I'm trying to get
> a fuller picture.
> I need to host a voting application in about a month with about 1000
> voters, and candidates for three offices.  SurveyMonkey is limited to
> 100 votes for free.  (Perhaps we should just go pay the extra.)  I saw
> some commercial site that would charge us about 64 cents per
> registered voter.
> We haven't put up the money for an SSL certificate yet, and thus don't
> run HTTPS yet.  We're on a shared Linux server that hosts our domain;
> I don't have root access.  We've talked about migrating to a VM; I had
> designs of putting Django on it, but have run out of personal free
> time and resources to pull this off.
> I'm open to suggestions, comments about Helios, etc.
> --Rick Kwan
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