[Baypiggies] Webfaction, Diversity, and Turtles

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Mar 6 23:16:03 CET 2010

As part of my preparation for our PyCon dump of most popular knowledge, I've
taken the list of the most popular talks (that you as a community have voted
most popular this previous week) and I've been manually reviewing the videos
to ensure the video and audio-quality is okay.

I must tell you, I use Webfaction and found that talk great. I *loved* the
Diversity talk that Anna gave (and Alex's potato example). And, the Turtles
talk was incredible!

We would be hard pressed to see clearer examples of how decorators, meta
classes, and other operations work. In fact, I'd love to learn more from
people who've done more of this type of meta-programming. If people decide
to discuss this in the unconference/discussion kind of way, I'd love to sit
with a laptop and go through examples and help/get help when I get stuck.
Turtles was incredibly informative technically. Hopefully we'll see plenty
of Pythonistas at our soon to be announced event.


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