[Baypiggies] Opportunity to author Python Cookbooks- Packt Publishing

Kshipra Singh kshipras at packtpub.com
Fri Mar 12 07:15:26 CET 2010

Hi Glen, 

Thank you for your e-mail. 

Yes, I am aware of this cookbook. However, I didn't know that Baypiggies edited it :-)
The cookbooks we are proposing will be more focussed on things like Mercurial,  Python imagining library, PyQT, PyGTK and Jython etc, as the press release says. These cookbooks will be smaller than the existing one. So, if any of the Baypiggies members are interested in authoring...it will be our pleasure to discuss with them. 

I hope this helps. 


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     Do you know that there already is a Python Cookbook (with that name) edited by awesome members of BayPIGgies?


  On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 3:23 AM, Kshipra Singh <kshipras at packtpub.com> wrote:

    Hi Python Enthusiasts, 

    I am writing to you for Packt Publishing, the publishers of computer related books.

    We are planning to extend our catalogue of cookbooks and are currently inviting "Python" fanatics interested in writing a cookbook. So, if you love "Python" and are interested in writing a cookbook, please contact us with your book ideas at author at packtpub.com. Even if you do not have a book idea and are simply interested in authoring a cookbook, we are still keen to hear from you. 

    More details about the opportunity are available at: http://authors.packtpub.com/content/python-fanatics-invited-write-packt

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