[Baypiggies] Opportunity to author Python Cookbooks- Packt Publishing

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Fri Mar 12 16:44:58 CET 2010


I agree with your correction. I think this comes from my origional  
word choices.

I was origionally going to say co-authored until I pulled up the link  
on the front of the book to confirm Alex's contribution. I changed my  
verbiage to match the book cover (edited instead of authored).

I also said BayPIGies (plural) because I didn't know if David was also  
an active member of BayPIGgies and didn't want to leave him out in  
case he was.

Sorry if this added confusion...



On Mar 11, 2010, at 10:49 PM, Tony Cappellini <tony at tcapp.com> wrote:

> Well, BayPiggies didn't edit it, exactly.
> One of the members of Baypiggies co-authored the book.
> On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:15 PM, Kshipra Singh  
> <kshipras at packtpub.com> wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> Thank you for your e-mail.
> Yes, I am aware of this cookbook. However, I didn't know that  
> Baypiggies edited it :-)
> The cookbooks we are proposing will be more focussed on things like  
> Mercurial,  Python imagining library, PyQT, PyGTK and Jython etc, as  
> the press release says. These cookbooks will be smaller than the  
> existing one. So, if any of the Baypiggies members are interested in  
> authoring...it will be our pleasure to discuss with them.
> I hope this helps.
> Kshipra
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