[Baypiggies] Quick survey on possible Django class in April

Donna Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 19:48:04 CET 2010

There were a few disappointed students when I had to cancel February's
Django class...

I'm considering asking Andy McKay to teach a class towards the end of April
- how many here would be interested if the class fee was around $400 for
about 16 hours of training? Maybe a Django Training with BBQ & Beer? Either
a weekend Saturday & Sunday - 8 hours a day OR no bbq and 4 nights of
training from 6-10pm.Most of you don't need/want training but there are
quite a few interested in/working with Django that need that extra push.

About Andy

"Andy has worked very actively in the Open Source community, focusing on web
application development using languages such as Django, Python, Plone, Zope
and more. He was a key contributor to the Plone development community
including contributing to the source code, VP on the Plone Foundation board,
authoring the first book on Plone, "The Definitive Guide to Plone", creating
local user groups, giving training, speaking at conferences and mentoring.

His current company, Clearwind Consulting, has Andy deeply involved in the
Django development community. Alongside several projects, he was recently
involved in UNICEF Innovation Group and the Earth Institute's RapidResponse
development and implementation in Kenya. He flew to Kenya to help the
project set up infrastructure that allowed community health professionals to
communicate quickly via the RapidResponse SMS system, allowing low or no
cost SMS with group and health issue logging features. He is giving two
talks at DjangoCon 2009.

Andy continues to train, speak, mentor and consult on web application
development. When not kayaking someplace, he lives in Vancouver, Canada with
his wife and two young daughters."

What do you think? Is this something that would be interesting to some here?
If so I'll get it setup and beg Andy to set aside a weekend to come down
here from Vancouver and teach us a thing or two about Django development.

Best Regards,

Donna 'SnowWrite' Snow
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