[Baypiggies] Quick survey on possible Django class in April

jim jim at well.com
Wed Mar 24 02:20:04 CET 2010

   I might be willing and able to take such a class. 
I know one or two others who are looking for Django 
training, so I'll pass the word. what are the 
possibilities for lemonade? 

On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 11:48 -0700, Donna Snow wrote:
> There were a few disappointed students when I had to cancel February's
> Django class... 
> I'm considering asking Andy McKay to teach a class towards the end of
> April - how many here would be interested if the class fee was around
> $400 for about 16 hours of training? Maybe a Django Training with BBQ
> & Beer? Either a weekend Saturday & Sunday - 8 hours a day OR no bbq
> and 4 nights of training from 6-10pm.Most of you don't need/want
> training but there are quite a few interested in/working with Django
> that need that extra push. 
> About Andy
> "Andy has worked very actively in the Open Source community, focusing
> on web application development using languages such as Django, Python,
> Plone, Zope and more. He was a key contributor to the Plone
> development community including contributing to the source code, VP on
> the Plone Foundation board, authoring the first book on Plone, "The
> Definitive Guide to Plone", creating local user groups, giving
> training, speaking at conferences and mentoring.
> His current company, Clearwind Consulting, has Andy deeply involved in
> the Django development community. Alongside several projects, he was
> recently involved in UNICEF Innovation Group and the Earth Institute's
> RapidResponse development and implementation in Kenya. He flew to
> Kenya to help the project set up infrastructure that allowed community
> health professionals to communicate quickly via the RapidResponse SMS
> system, allowing low or no cost SMS with group and health issue
> logging features. He is giving two talks at DjangoCon 2009.
> Andy continues to train, speak, mentor and consult on web application
> development. When not kayaking someplace, he lives in Vancouver,
> Canada with his wife and two young daughters."
> What do you think? Is this something that would be interesting to some
> here? If so I'll get it setup and beg Andy to set aside a weekend to
> come down here from Vancouver and teach us a thing or two about Django
> development.
> Best Regards,
> Donna 'SnowWrite' Snow
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