[Baypiggies] Python Videos today

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Mar 27 17:25:50 CET 2010

Were you thinking "watching these pycon videos and having discussion  
with others sounds fun, but I didn't sign up. Can I still join?"

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! I used the meetup site to organize  
everything and make my life easier.


But, signing up is NOT a requirement. Do check out the site. You  
shouldn't need to sign up to read the links on the page. If your  
driving there is a link to a noisebridge FAQ on getting there by car.

If you're thinking, "can I come anytime" the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

However, be warned that you may miss the video you want to see.  
There's no guarantee on what order we watch these in since today will  
be hosted in an open space format.

I'll see you today :)


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