[Baypiggies] Python Videos today

Tung Wai Yip tungwaiyip at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 19:05:11 CEST 2010

Thank you for setting this up and gathering a great group together for a  
Saturday afternoon! This is the next best thing other than going to PyCon  
in person.

Wai Yip

> Were you thinking "watching these pycon videos and having discussion  
> with others sounds fun, but I didn't sign up. Can I still join?"
> The answer is ABSOLUTELY! I used the meetup site to organize everything  
> and make my life easier.
> http://www.meetup.com/SF-Post-PyCon-Videos/calendar/12987525/
> But, signing up is NOT a requirement. Do check out the site. You  
> shouldn't need to sign up to read the links on the page. If your driving  
> there is a link to a noisebridge FAQ on getting there by car.
> If you're thinking, "can I come anytime" the answer is ABSOLUTELY!
> However, be warned that you may miss the video you want to see. There's  
> no guarantee on what order we watch these in since today will be hosted  
> in an open space format.
> I'll see you today :)
> Glen
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