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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Tue Mar 30 19:35:10 CEST 2010

> Thank you for setting this up and gathering a great group together for a
> Saturday afternoon! This is the next best thing other than going to PyCon in
> person.
> Wai Yip

Thank you! :)

I'm not certain it was (yet) "the next best thing other than going to PyCon"
-- although I hope we can do this yearly and it can grow into that. :) There
was a *lot* of noise competition this year which made watching the videos
tedious at times -- something I didn't know would happen.  :(

But, we had some very good natured people who stuck with it. Plus, we did
have some of that 'magic' happen after the videos were over (i.e.,. after

Four of us were in a classroom for hours going over decorators. It was way
cool to see how Rami, Daniel and I all explained different concepts of
decorators. When what one of us were saying didn't "stick" we'd alternate to
the next person who gave a slightly different angle.

I think Alex really loved being the 'guinea pig' for the different
explanations that the three of us gave as we started with the simpler
concepts (functions are real objects) and worked up to the more difficult.

None of that was planned. It just happened. Alex and I were talking... and
then we had others join.. and it just "became" a true open space on

Either way... thank you!  :)

We had a wonderful group of volunteers/attendees this year for this


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