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> > It gives me immense pleasure in launching Mapatree.org
> > This is an initiative that I have been planning for quite sometime and
> > finally got some time to implement and also launch it :)
> >
> > Please check and contribute : http://www.mapatree.org/
> Yes?  And perhaps you could tell us what it is?

>From the about page: http://mapatree.appspot.com/about/

About Map-a-Tree

*Map-a-Tree* is a unique effort in counting the number of trees on this
Planet Earth. Though most of the countries follow the United Nations
recommendation of taking the country"s census every 10 years, there is no
such census for the trees population. Map-a-Tree hopes to do it for Trees.
We hope this exercise will try to exactly identify the number of trees on
this planet and also help us in identifying some unique trees and their
virtues. This fresh tree census will help us plan plantations, conserve rare
trees or treat and save unhealthy trees.

Trees that work hard for us everyday cleaning our air and water, providing
shade and a cooler environment are disappearing at a rapid rate these days.
Let us make a sincere attempt to save the green cover on this beautiful

All that we ask of you is to try to identify and map where every tree is in
this census of trees. We expect this information will help researchers gain
a better insight into the tree population of this world and into how changes
in the climate will affect the green cover on earth.

Map-a-Tree is not constrained by nationalities; it is an honest effort to
map the 'green' around us. So if you have spotted or stumbled on any tree in
your area or in any other place/country that you have visited/are visiting,
then please do map it with the accurate descriptions. If you are a botanist
or someone with a little more than superficial knowledge of trees, you are
welcome to give some additional & useful info about the tree you are just
about to map.

We hope the features in this section will inspire you to get involved in
this important movement. To make the world the greenest it can be, we need
everyone to pitch in.
If you are interested in developing this, please contact : contact [aT]
mapatree [doT] org or drop in a line in the Contact Us </contact> section.

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