[Baypiggies] Tiny computer that runs Python!

Delbert Franz ddf at iqdotdt.com
Thu May 6 00:42:21 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Just a brief heads up about a tiny shirt-pocket sized computer that 
runs Python: 


I got one and it is a lot of fun but you have to know its limitations: 
RAM: 32 MB, NAND 2 GB, microSD slot, tiny querty keyboard suitable for 
thumb typing, USB is only a device port, that is the NanoNote appears 
as a device when you connect to another computer, and no wireless.  
(Uses ether over USB to get to the Internet via a host computer.) It 
weights 126 g (4.4 oz) including the battery.  Gets about 4-5 hours 
playing music files.  The screen is 320x240 and 40x15 text.  I have 
loaded a small font and get 30x60 but the characters are really 
small:-)  Can boot from NAND or the microSD slot.  I currently run from 
an 8 GB microSD card.  Runs OpenWRT Linux in a custom image and uses 
DirectFB instead of X for graphical displays or simple GUI's.  I 
mostly use consoles and the command line.  Has nice music/audio app: 
gmu, that I am using right now:-) 

If you need a GUI, an O/S other than Linux, and lots of polished 
software, don't get one.  The software is evolving week by week from a 
group attempting to provide not only open software but open hardware 
(that's one reason for no wireless: open and wireless hardly fit in 
the same phrase because all devices have one or another closed blob of 
firmware).  I got one because I like such gadgets and I wanted to 
support the effort.  Only time will tell if the planned follow-on 
product will be completed--I would like it to be a success because 
this market niche is almost empty now-nearly everything of this size 
exists in a silo with various restrictions--I will not mention names, 
we all know who they are:-) 

Anyway, it costs $100 plus about $23 shipping from Hong Kong
or there abouts.  Appears well constructed-have dropped mine 
a few times and still works fine:)

Did I mention it runs Python:-)


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