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Boy, do I hate for this to be my first post, but I'd be careful with these
guys, they hadn't when I met them a month ago completed ANY product
development after being funded for over a year, I was asked to complete a
short contract to 'prove myself', they raved at the quality of the work
produced in a weekend, and stiffed me for what is at least a thousand bucks.

I've nearly become homeless since and had to pick up a lot of other work.

Anyway, Turiya is really just a consulting agency at this point.  Be careful
working with anyone who can't be honest with themselves.  They are no more
an analytics company than I operate datacenters. ;)

Also, Shawn wants to use Rails, this was made extremely clear after I slaved
on a Python demo.  They say on the one hand, they want you to make all these
technology decisions they don't want to be bothered with, but on the other
hand they're fickle to death.

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> Hi all!
> I'm with Turiya Media, a recently launched start-up in San Francisco that
> builds software for predictive data mining in online games.  We are looking
> for a senior software engineer to help build all aspects of our technology.
>  We are primarily a Python shop - its flexibility allows us to use the same
> technology across our different technical challenges. One day you could be
> implementing a Support Vector Machine algorithm for predicting user
> behavior
> in Python + R, the next day scaling it using Hadoop (in Python via
> HadoopStreaming) on Amazon EC2, and on the third day building a Web-based
> application for data visualization using Django. Our team is talented, but
> small, so there are many opportunities for you to own large pieces of the
> technology.
> What you'll do: Anything and everything technical, possibly including (but
> not limited to)
> - Work with a team of statistical modelers to build software systems for
> data analysis
> - Architect/deploy/maintain a cloud-based infrastructure for large-scale
> data storage and processing
> - Build and run a suite of online applications for game publishers
> - Help define product, build the team, setup internal
> networking, participate in happy hours, enjoy start-up life, etc.
> What we want:
> - Passion for technology and excitement to build a technology company from
> the ground-up
> - Expertise in multiple programming languages such as Python and Java
> - Love of data and data-related technologies: MySQL, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig
> R, etc.
> - Prior work with with "cloud" technologies - e.g., EC2, S3, etc
> - Knowledge of statistical modeling, data mining, or machine learning a
> huge
> plus
> - Experience with Web development (Django, Rails, etc) a bonus
> - Ability to react quickly to shifting needs
> - Previous startup experience (redundant with the previous bullet)
> - Background or prior experience in online gaming is a plus
> What we offer:
> - A position at an early stage company in one of the hottest areas
> of technology
> - Salary, benefits and equity competitive for an early stage start-up
> If you're interested, contact me directly (shawnj - at - turiyamedia.com)
> or
> our general jobs email (recruiting - at - turiyamedia.com)
> Thanks!
> -Shawn
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