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Whups, I type very fast and often mess up tense in my prose. Corrections
below. :)

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Justin A Ryan <jryan at fastergreener.net>wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:
>> Justin,
>>     Thanks for introducing yourself. It sounds like you are keen to give a
>> presentation (which is awesome). Would you like to volunteer to give a
>> preview of that presentation to the BayPIGgies group?
> Glen, I absolutely would, I love to advocate Zope whenever I can, and to
> educate folks.  More people knowing Zope tech means more people possibly
> starting ventures that want the sort of expertise that I and many other
> dedicated folks have.
> Django, Pylons, TurboGears, and many other frameworks in Python have great
> value, as many Zope-based projects other than Plone is, but there's just not
> enough information out there about what Zope really is compared to these
> other things.
> We have a pile of Design Patterns, well tested, well implemented, and which
> scale quite well, as well as possibly having one of the oldest NoSQL
> solutions out there.  It's worth knowing about. :)
> Best,
> J
>>     I'm not the organizer. However, I know Jim was looking for people to
>> present more material. If you're interested, I betcha we could work
>> something out.
> That would be great.  It's pretty absurd that I don't know more local
> Python folks after living here for so long.  I think my experience of
> working as a LUG interface from high school on has sort of alienated me from
> user groups of sorts and Python is one thing I don't expect to leave behind
> for a while, even if I got work doing something else.
>>     I for one don't know much about the technical side of Zope or Plone.
>> I've attended about two presentations on Plone total.
> Plone is a very powerful platform, but its' relatively dominance in the
> Zope space may have led to some fragmentation, and issues with Plone reflect
> poorly on Zope.  I've been thinking about an approach of walking folks from
> WSGI to Plone, through Zope, or at least from WSGI through Django, TG, and
> Pylons to Zope, and really addressing what is different.
relatively - relative

> Some of these other frameworks can provide traction where Zope doesn't
> always, but I have worked recently with a toolkit called Dolmen based on
> Zope which is really great.  I'd love to see folks understanding where the
> line is really drawn.  Whatever choice folks make, I think popularity has
> fed a long of Django, as it has Rails.  Zope predates both greatly and has a
> ton of brilliant contributors around the globe.

'a long of django ...' -> 'a lot of django ..'

> Cheers,
>> Glen
>> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 5:39 PM, Justin A Ryan <jryan at fastergreener.net>wrote:
>>> Well, I didn't mean to introduce myself with a negative comment about a
>>> potential employer, but there seem to be a lot of troubles on CL with folks
>>> getting hired as contract-to-perm and not being paid at all after their code
>>> is deployed, emails drop, etc..  Obviously, we should ask for half up-front,
>>> but when that's not an option, and you've turned down a lot of gigs on that
>>> notion, eventually you just have to try something.
>>> Anyway, I joined BayPIGGIES to know more people in the community I've
>>> lived in for most of the past 5-6 years, so that I wouldn't be limited in
>>> future career options to just whoever in a given week shows up for a
>>> "Python" search on CL and to meet new enthusiasts, because Python is rad. ;)
>>> I've been a Python enthusiast since I joined Rackspace's CORE Team around
>>> 2002, my then-manager and now-friend Nicholas David Borko published a deal
>>> on our work which was in the Pythonology pamphlet at the first annual
>>> O'Reilly Open-Source convention, along with four others: Google, ILM, NASA,
>>> and NIST.  To be fair, however, I owned some of the worst PHP code at
>>> Rackspace - as maintainer, not original author.
>>> I lost a vote on Python vs. PHP at some point, esp after we tried to use
>>> Plone to implement a feature for CORE.  I felt that Zope and Plone were the
>>> sort of techs I wanted to work with, so for that and many other reasons, I
>>> left and became a Plone / Zope developer, which I've done since 2004.  In
>>> that time, in addition to developing a multi-tenant offering to hand this
>>> enterprise-class Web Content Management tech to hundreds of small businesses
>>> for around the cost of what it would cost one large business to deploy, I
>>> launched some pretty cool websites as the Tech Lead / Web Producer using
>>> Plone:
>>>   http://www.siggraph.org/
>>>   http://www.sigchi.org/ (prototyped and educated, they may have created
>>> a new site for the final launch)
>>>   http://www.acm.org/
>>>   http://montreal.siggraph.org/ (Helped to get LinguaPlone translation
>>> code into the ACM / SIGGRAPH config, so the site could be in French and
>>> English)
>>> These days I'm in a FT search, but I've got some options, I'm not just
>>> here for that.  I just thought I'd introduce myself..
>>> I caught some chatter about the Silicon Valley Code Camp and I wonder if
>>> there is any history of, or anyone on the list planning to present on Zope
>>> technology here.  Sounds like a lot of Django excitement, which is cool and
>>> all Python > Ruby IMO, unless you enjoy the alien dialect of Perl over
>>> Python's nearly-pseudocode syntax, which I just don't.
>>> There are a ton of options for using Zope tech, some of which, like
>>> repoze.bfg, make Zope's default, if awesome, object storage optional,
>>> allowing to map views into a dictionary based on paths.  I'm not a
>>> particular fan of this Rails-style approach, however, and I think that there
>>> are a lot of marketing problems for Zope.
>>> I know that at least in the past, there have been some Plone and Zope
>>> folks in BayPIGGIES, so I didn't want to stomp anyone else's presentation,
>>> but I'm an experienced instructor and have gone too long without presenting
>>> on something.  PyCon never seems to happen for me, but something
>>> CalTrain-able from SF for a weekend is probably an option.
>>> I look forward to meeting some of you at future events!
>>> Best,
>>> Justin
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