[Baypiggies] No more job offers, please

Justin A Ryan jryan at fastergreener.net
Fri May 28 07:34:25 CEST 2010


I contacted BayPIGGIES recently about how I was frustrated with a potential
employer I felt was unethical.

A lot of great folks from Google to pre-seeders have contacted me in that
time and I really was only intending to inform people that this particular
opportunity from Turiya may not be legitimate.

I believe I have found the folks I want to work with this year, so I
appreciate all the offers for interviews, but a typical interview requires
enough travel cost for me to feed myself a few days.

I joined BayPIGGIES to strengthen my connection with local Free /
Open-Source, esp Python enthuiasts.

I look forward to our BioPython Hack Fest.

Can Python plus the recent breakthroughs of artificial life possibly save
the Gulf of Mexico?

I come from Texas, so I'd sure love that to be true.  The Gulf was never, in
my lifetime, a place of beauty as SF Bay's Pacific is, however.

People I'm working with, we'll probably develop new technologies using
Python to share with piggies.  Let's all just be more and more awesome
together, even if it's a rough economy, seems like people have mostly talked
about jobs since I joined the list.

What in the world are all of you doing with Python?  Google, even, sure
hasn't even said much for nearly a decade on the subject.


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