[Baypiggies] Job Posting: Riverbed Technologies, Engineering Operations Ninja (python/pylons/unix)

will welch welch at quietplease.com
Fri Nov 12 00:18:09 CET 2010

Riverbed builds boxes that make your internet go fast.
I'm on an internal team that is building data collection/
mining infrastructure to study how our appliances fare
out in the wild -- how they are used, how they fail.
We're archiving and mining streams of data from thousands
of appliances every day.

We need another set of hands. Much of this is built
in python/pylons, and there are a few unixy and C++
bits laying around as well. One guy even writes excel
macros (whatever it takes...). We're wanting someone who's
smart, flexible, self-directed, and who probably doesn't
fit well into an org chart.

Here's the req:

-- Will Welch

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