[Baypiggies] Python in Back End development for GAMES

Lumen Sivitz lsivitz at vonchurch.com
Mon Nov 22 22:39:28 CET 2010

Hello Baypiggies!

I was referred to this list by one of your own-- seems like an ideal place
to spread the word.

I work for VonChurch (you can find more information @ www.vonchurch.com).  I
am currently working with a client looking for someone for the following

Backend/Infrastructure Engineer:

Primary Skill-Sets:
Python, HTML5, Django, Linux Server (Ubuntu), Amazon EC2 (Amazon's Cloud
Computing Service) w/autoscaling, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service),
memcached, mySQL

This person is:
-Lead on Infrastructure & Scalability
-Server side logic for game
-50% Python Development
-30% Linux/Shell Scripting
-20% High Level Design

The company is located in San Francisco.  If you're interested, I'd love to
hear from you to discuss the position in more depth!



*Lumen Sivitz*
*Junior Partner*

*VonChurch**, Inc.*

*Phone: (415)229-7699
**LSivitz at VonChurch.com** *

*Work Hard | Play Harder*
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