[Baypiggies] Suggestions on some python client/server development.

Keith Dart keith at dartworks.biz
Tue Nov 23 21:44:29 CET 2010

=== On Tue, 11/23, William Deegan wrote: ===
> I've not done anything like this in python yet, so I figured I'd float
> it out to the group for some suggestions on where to start and/or
> which technologies/packages might be useful to avoid just replicating
> exactly the c++ code..


Well, there are many options. But the way I'd probably do it is use
Javascript XHR on the browser side to fetch the data from the server.
The server for that data just serves JSON serialized data so it's
lightweight and fast. 

One example of this is here:


The backend can be twisted, with simplejson. 

I also have a proxy object already written that makes the JSON
serialization transparent. 

Server side:

Client side:

It's part of the pycopia-WWW web application framework.

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