[Baypiggies] Yelp Software Engineering Openings: Web, Backend, Search, Ads, and Mobile

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at retzlaff.com
Wed Oct 27 01:22:21 CEST 2010

Some of you know that I recently started working at Yelp in San
Francisco. Everything I've touched in my first 3 weeks is Python! I
hear there is also Java and C/C++ around, but I haven't run into it
yet. Everyone I've come across here is really smart and the
development process is all about producing high quality code in a
really productive way. If you're looking for hard-core Python work,
read on... and let me know if you have any questions or interest in
joining me.


Yelp has been connecting people with great local businesses since
2005. Yelp has grown to become the #1 local review and recommendation
website, attracting over 36 million unique users per month and has
over 2 million users on mobile clients (iPhone, Android, etc...).

What you need to know about Yelp Engineering:
* Team size? 40 engineers and 1 dog named Darwin.
* Release cycle? Daily, sometimes multiple times a day.
* Code-reviews? Required on every check-in.
* Source control? Git, duh.
* KegMate enabled kegs? 1 so far but more to come.
* Hackathons? Every six months.
* Unit-tests? Lots of them. We use buildbot and testify. Required as
part of every check-in.

Web Developer
* Develop cool and useful features for our Yelp community
* Expertise in JavaScript, HTTP, HTML/DOM, and CSS

Search and Data-Mining Engineer
* Tackle machine learning and IR problems from our database of local
content (12M+ Yelp reviews)
* Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures; expertise in Python,
Java, or C++

Ads/Revenue Engineer
* “Show me the money!” Use machine learning, statistic, economics, and
optimization to build and improve our ad targeting systems.
* Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures; expertise in Python,
Java, or C++

Back-end Engineer
* Build whole systems that are simple and scalable
* Expertise in your favorite modern programming language: Python,
Ruby, Java, and/or C++

Mobile Developer
* Create fun and useful mobile applications for the iPhone, Android,
Blackberry platforms and beyond
* Expertise in Objective C, Java and other mobile languages

Check out our brand new Yelp Engineering Blog -
http://engineeringblog.yelp.com/ - and read about a day in the life of
a Yelp engineer -

Want to join the team? Apply now!

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