[Baypiggies] SF Python Meetup, Wed 9/22 6:30-9:30p

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 21:06:55 CEST 2010

if you can't get enough of Python, how about back-to-back user group
meetings? tonight is the SF Python meetup, and tomorrow is BayPIGgies.
below is tonight's agenda and info i'm posting for grace.


What: "Bitch 'n' Fix" django and Lightening Talks

When: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 6:30 PM

Where: Lolapps
116 New Montgomery Street, #700
San Francisco, CA 94105

For September, we will try a new format of lightening talks and "bitch
'n' fixed".

Responses from the 'call for bitches' earlier indicated that people
want to 'bitch n fix' django most. Many also expressed that they want
to hear what others are doing, how they are using python, specific
interests include: PIL, caching, pygame, pyglet on osx, merge/replace
in sqlalchemy, pdb post mortem, tail call optimization, Element

With this in mind, let's go with an informal format similar to
Lightening Talks (which incidentally, is an idea started at Python
Conference and now adopted in most conferences, code camps, SHDH,
etc.. In fact, lightening talks are fast becoming engineers' favorite
session at tech events). Here is more info if you are not familiar.

So, here is how it will work. When you arrive, sign-up for your 5 mins
of 'bitch n fix' / lightening talks. After some time, we will switch
gear and work together and 'fix' the things we complained about -
(probably mostly on django at this point), or continue to geek out on
topics previously covered.

Also, very important! The building's security requires the FULL NAME
and EMAIL of all visitors ahead of time for after hours entry. Please
fill out this
if you haven't done so already.

6:30p - Check-in and mingle, with Pizza and Beer provided by our sponsor Lolapps
7.00p - 'Bitch' / Lightening talks (5 minutes each)
7.40p - 'Fix' / more geeking out (Lolapps has a number of white boards
we can use too)
8:25p - Closing remarks, but floor will be open for more Bitching,
Fixing, Mingling, Ping pong/beer pong...
9:30p - Door close and moving the party to John Colins

Sounds good? Feel free to ping me with questions or suggestions -


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