[Baypiggies] What shall we do for our November and December meetings?

Bryce Verdier bryceverdier at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 19:13:27 CEST 2010

  Worse case is that we have the meetings those two months at 
SurveyMonkey if we can't get the meeting room at Symantec. For that 
reason I vote for figuring out the days ourselves, and seeing if 
Symantec can accommodate.

On that note, just to help get the ball rolling, I am comfortable with 
3rd Thursdays for both months.

See you guys tonight.


On 09/22/2010 03:43 PM, Tony Cappellini wrote:
>     "We have a speaker for November"
> and the topic for that presentation is
> "Embedding Python as a Realtime Audio Scripting Engine"
>     I'm guessing we'll probably settle on the
>     third Thursday of November, not so confident on what
>     we'll decide for December (third Thursday or none?).
> All of this also hinges on which days Symantec can make the meeting 
> room available for us.
> I'd like to have some dates agreed on for both months before 
> contacting them, so we don't have to go back and forth.
> Or- would people prefer I ask Symantec which alternate dates are 
> available in Nov & Dec and post them here for everyone to decide?
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