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Jack Parmer jack at sunprint.com
Fri Sep 24 22:36:43 CEST 2010

Alion Inc - Database Programmer

Job Description

Alion Inc is seeking a database programmer to develop a platform for
capturing, storing, and reporting/visualizing key process data related to
solar panels processed on Alion's line.  The scope of this position includes
the development of light-weight scripts customized for each tool to parse
process data and send it to an on-site server; the development and
improvement of the display of data on an internal Web 2.0 website; and the
integration of barcode scanners for the tracking and display of product flow
through the factory. Close collaboration with the research and production
teams will be necessary to make sure that all important information is being
recorded and accessible in a user-friendly interface from the website.

Required Duties

   - Interact with equipment owners to determine process equipment variables
   to be tracked in the database.
   - Modify the database as needed to provide fast interactive access to the
   critical process parameters and results.
   - Insure the security of the system against unauthorized changes or data
   - Test and improve the reliability of bar code readers/markers to record
   data accurately.
   - Work in a team environment to develop a system that fits the needs of
   all customers.
   - Monitor in-house server and work with IT staff to anticipate necessary
   upgrades to server.

Education  BS or MS in computer science

Experience : 3-5 years relevant software development

Skills: Programming with mySQL, Python, UNIX, AJAX, javascript, xml, php,
C++, Django a plus, Google charts API a plus, MATLAB a plu
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