[Baypiggies] Software engineer position at about.me

Luke Gotszling gotszlin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 19:11:21 CEST 2011

We're looking for a junior back-end engineer. If you're interested please
reply off-list.

At About.me, it’s all about you!  We allow people to quickly and easily
build a personal and dynamic splash page that pulls all your online social
networking profiles into a single online identity.  About.me is all about
you on the web.

We’re looking for motivated and passionate team members who will continue to
move the product in new and exciting ways and maintain our high standards
with consumer usability.  Such dedication to making our product powerful,
yet easy to use, is reflected in our runner-up award in the 2010 Techcrunch
Best Design category.

*Job Description:*

Must be able to design, develop, troubleshoot, test, document, integrate,
and analyze software applications.  Candidate will be responsible for the
development of new programs and sub-programs, as well as enhancements,
modifications, and corrections to existing software.  They must also
integrate product functionality with internal APIs, tools, and technologies.


    * Develops, troubleshoots, debugs and implements software for a
component of the system.
    * Design and develop reliable and scalable code to integrate 3rd party
APIs into platform
    * Assists senior developers in solving moderately complex problems
    * Is proficient in estimation methods, prioritizing, and scheduling.

    * BS Computer Science or related experience
    * 2-4 years experience using Python
    * Working knowledge of Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/JSON
    * Strong teamwork and communication skills
    * 2-4 years of Linux development
    * Clean code, elegant, intelligent, and reusable high-level design


    * Exposure to high-availability and high-traffic web sites
    * Experience with Turbogears2
    * Experience with CouchDB or MongoDB
    * Experience with wsgi based framework (Django, CherryPy, Pylons, etc)
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