[Baypiggies] Avery Pennarun's presentation on bup, sshutle, and redo, @ The Hacker Dojo April 12th, 7:30PM

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On Apr 9, 2011 10:51 AM, "Tony Cappellini" <cappy2112 at gmail.com> wrote:

Avery Pennarun

is giving the following presentation at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View,
on April 12th at 7:30 PM

bup (a git-based backup tool), redo (a build tool like make only simpler
*and* more
powerful), and sshuttle (a poor man's VPN), all of which happen to be
written in python.   We will try to answer at least some of these

- If python really that slow?  If so, how does bup process 80
megabytes/sec in an interpreted language?

- Just how large of a file can you put into a git repository?  And how
can bup store files 100x larger than that?

- If parallelism in python is so impossible, why does 'redo -j5' work
better than 'make -j5' ?

- How exactly does sshuttle make a connection if there's no sshuttle
installed on the other side?  (Hint: it's an internet worm.)

- If you were to design a massively distributed peer-to-peer
filesystem or database with negative latency, caching, and support for
incremental updates of huge files, how should you do it and why would
you call it "git-based backup software"?

How many people are interested? (reply with +1)

Hacker Dojo

140A South Whisman Rd
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 898-7925

Make sure you pay attention to the parking restrictions at the Dojo!

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