[Baypiggies] your PyCon talk

Minesh B. Amin mamin at mbasciences.com
Tue Apr 12 23:04:01 CEST 2011

Hi Folks,

If there is interest, I can sign up for a talk on 
"Parallel Management Patterns (PMPs)" (April 28).

  If understanding any parallel problem is key to 
  determining the solution, PMPs are a framework 
  for decomposing and authoring scalable, fault 
  tolerant parallel capabilities that span the 
  entire spectrum of parallel solutions from coarse 
  grain on one end to fine-grain on the other. 

  In this talk, we will cover six PMPs that can be
  leveraged to exploit parallelism across servers, cores
  and GPUs.

  The examples to be discussed will leverage:
    + OpenMPI
    + multi-processing module
    + PyCuda
    + SPM.Python (will be strictly technical in nature)

As an aside, my original intention was to conduct an 
Open Space at PyCon on this topic; unfortunately, could 
not take care of the logistics in time. The Pycon proposal 
can be found @

   Please skip the section titled "The last 40 minutes or so" :)


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